Hoping for a quiet weekend!

Sleepy Cheeky! He woke up around 5:00, so by his 9:00 appointment he was beat. He slept through the car ride, transfer to the stroller, the two elevator rides to get to Smilow, check in, his little friends trying to wake him in the waiting room, blood pressure cuff… the nurses just let him sleep until they had to access his port.

A good day at clinic. Counts were okay since he had a transfusion on Monday, so he just had chemo. All of his friends were there in the infusion room play room (sad, but adorable) and he was very busy.  Cheeky had a visit from the clown doctors (Neil’s favorite) who make their own bubble solution that creates these amazing super bubbles.  He also had a visit from a group of volunteers (beautiful college girls) from Love Your Melon, which is an organization that makes cute winter caps and proceeds go to cancer research (@LoveYourMelon).  Cheeky is nice enough to share the hat with me, as he smartly chose a blue hat #BillsMafia (check out @Buffalonian83 or Facebook for pics).

All things considered, there are no nurse visits or chemo meds on the calendar this weekend. Praying for a peaceful weekend at home, batten down the hatches for the Nor’easter!

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