Counts too low

Thank you everyone for praying for that ANC to reach 750. Unfortunately his ANC dropped to 200, which means we were able to have the LP done today but can’t start chemo until he’s back to 750. We will go in again next Thursday to check again. In a way, it will be good to have a little time before chemo ramps back up. His blood sugar was low today, he lost almost a pound in less than a week, and he isn’t eating well. All things considered, we can focus on eating and not worry about adjusting to chemo meds for this week. Despite not feeling well, he is playing, getting into trouble, and picking up even more words. He is learning the names of all of his nurses and now asks to be excused from the dinner table (‘scuse!) which is pretty cute.

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  1. Is he eating better? Hopefully, as you say a week off chemo may help his appetite and put some weight on him! I love and miss my little Cheeky (and of course his wonderful family)!

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