A good weekend, in the end

It was an eventful weekend for Cheeky.  He got a haircut from Daddy, visited Meriden Markham Airport Fly-In Festival, and bumped his head on the coffee table prompting an ER visit. He tolerated the clippers very well, with moral support from his sister. He was more excited at the airport to see bales of hay with safety reflectors than the actual helicopters and airplanes.

Naaman's Haircut Before
Naaman's Haircut After
Naaman at the Meriden Flyin Festival

To show how quickly things can change  and unpredictably so, his counts were good at clinic Thursday, but were already quite low today. He has been clumsy, but still active.  He was climbing down from the couch and slipped, bumping his head on the coffee table – and an instant bruise popped up. I’ve never seen anything like it, outside of cartoons where the character gets smacked with a frying pan and a purple lump grows instantly.  At the ER, they did a head CT to be sure there were no bleeds, and then let us go home. We go back to clinic tomorrow morning for a check, which won’t show much difference from the low numbers we saw today.

The good news is that his counts can be low and continue chemo, since the only number that matters for chemo right now is platelets.  They can give him platelets if he needs, so no problem. Also, despite having ANC of 100, he is getting into trouble, running around (albeit clumsily), singing and dancing. Hoping for a good day at clinic tomorrow!

Naaman in the ER after Bumping his Head
Naaman Bumps his Head

4 thoughts on “A good weekend, in the end”

  1. I pray all goes well today. Cheeky is teaching me a lesson in accepting the “new normal” by singing and dancing. It is a lesson for us all. My love to you
    Papa Tom.

  2. Those big brown eyes of his get me every time. I’m so glad everything turned out to be ok at the ER. Daddy did a great job on his haircutI love how he is sporting Elsa socks too, Gia would be jealous:) Praying that even though he may be clumsy that God protects every bump and bruise, having it lead to nothing more. I love you guys. We will continue to pray

  3. He’s so cute even without hair! What a trooper he is and you guys are! We’re continuously praying for his total healing. Stay strong and keep the faith. Love you guys.

  4. Thanks for taking time to keep us all updated. We are praying for all four of you at home and at church. Wish our visit last week could have been longer but really enjoyed seeing you all. Give the kids a hug for us. We love you!!

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