October 2018

Hoping for a quiet weekend!

Sleepy Cheeky! He woke up around 5:00, so by his 9:00 appointment he was beat. He slept through the car ride, transfer to the stroller, the two elevator rides to get to Smilow, check in, his little friends trying to wake him in the waiting room, blood pressure cuff… the nurses just let him sleep […]

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Clinic friends

Naaman needed blood and platelets, as expected. It was busy busy at clinic which means a long day (still here) but all his friends were here to play. At one point, he had three friends around the playroom table with him. Super cute. One girl even joined him in his infusion area to watch Moana

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A good weekend, in the end

It was an eventful weekend for Cheeky.  He got a haircut from Daddy, visited Meriden Markham Airport Fly-In Festival, and bumped his head on the coffee table prompting an ER visit. He tolerated the clippers very well, with moral support from his sister. He was more excited at the airport to see bales of hay with

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Successful clinic visit Thursday

Counts are up! Somehow, despite being cranky, clingy, and sleepy, Naaman’s ANC reached 4,300.  We resumed chemo, which included TONS of hydration via IV fluid, as one of his meds requires it. We were there 8:15-4:30, but that’s still better than being admitted to inpatient! It was a long, relatively difficult day. Clinic was busy

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Counts too low

Thank you everyone for praying for that ANC to reach 750. Unfortunately his ANC dropped to 200, which means we were able to have the LP done today but can’t start chemo until he’s back to 750. We will go in again next Thursday to check again. In a way, it will be good to

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