Rocky the pug’s new home

After tons of deliberation and tears, Rocky is going to a new home this afternoon. We decided to contact New England Pug Rescue (weirdly specific but yes they are real) and they helped us place him. They have been compassionate, kind and helpful through the whole process. We can’t know exactly where Rocky will be, but we do know he will be with a family and at least one other pug. Naaman may be a little confused when he tries to find Rocky around the house, but Nadine herself said she feels sad but happy he will be living with pug friends. She added, “ Plus mommy, poor Rocky is always home while we are at work, school and the hospital.”  We will adjust to life without the clip clop of his little paws throughout the house, and rest assured knowing he’s getting lots of love and attention.
Naaman and Rocky the pug

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