Rocky is doing well and so are Naaman and Nadine

We heard from Rocky’s new home that same night that he was happy as a clam. She also sent a few pics and he is smiling and snuggling on couches. Livin the dream! <3

Nadine’s cold has cleared up a bit, with a lingering cough. Naaman is a happy guy, too. He had a visiting nurse all weekend for injections, and she will come next Friday-Sunday, too. He had clinic today and his counts from the blood draw were good. He is getting more and more feisty (and brave) at resisting meds and basically anything he knows will lead to meds. He ripped off the lidocaine and patch I put on his port this morning and it was an ugly wrestling match to get it back on. I don’t really blame him. Lidocaine and Glad Press ‘ Seal on my chest and both my arms would annoy me, too.

This Thursday is another LP (lumbar puncture) with fasting 12 hours prior. Prayers that all looks good and we can keep doing treatment as planned.

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  1. Thanking God for good news! Love you all and are praying for Naaman’s recovery to be sooner than expected. Y’all are the best!

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