Naaman starts consolidation phase of treatment! Levels are up

Thursday we did in fact start treatment (hooray) and were at clinic late. Today was also a blur with a home nurse visit, so here we are.

Thursday his ANC was up to 1200, so he passed the criteria of 750 needed. This was exciting news! (For any numbers nerds out there, or general interest, the ANC stands for absolute neutrophil count and is calculated as such: ANC algorithm. Quick read: it doesn’t take much to increase or decrease this number.) He had the lumbar puncture, of course in delay for waiting on all the right staff to be present, but he was at least in better spirits than during most LP days. After the LP, he started chemo through IV and the new research project medication.  For the next few days, a home nurse comes and administers chemo by injection.  Thursdays this month will be an LP each time, and home nurse will come next Friday-Sunday, too. Her name is Vicki and she is very nice. Naaman still gave her the stink eye, even before the injection.  Fortunately, cousin Joe was here to play afterwards and distract him. :)

Monday he goes back in just for a check and hopefully needs no transfusions. Nadine has caught a bit of a virus and the two of them are impossible to separate.  Too much fun playing! Naaman also has become pretty aggressive at refusing meds and at least two Johnsons are crying by the time the meds are forced down his throat.

We are grateful for the support. Thank you everyone.

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