Back home from the ICU again

We were a little late with an update after Naaman’s latest ICU visit but we wanted to let everyone know that Naaman is ok. His cold is still hanging on but not nearly as bad as it was lats week. 

We were discharged from the ICU on Saturday morning after a 2 day visit. Nicole took shift 1 and I took shift 2 Friday into Saturday. That night Naaman slept much better even through all the commotion on the ICU wing that night. We watched Moana for the 100th time and that kept him calm. 

Saturday morning he received his flu shot (and a Big Bird sticker), they informed us that he was well enough to get out of dodge and we made a run for the border in his red convertible.

Treatment wise we are in a relatively calm period. Nicole took Naaman to clinic Monday just as a standard clinic day to check his levels. It was another long day with delays and other hoopla. It looks at this point that Thursday if all is well Naaman will undergo another lumbar puncture as per his schedule. This time however they will be trying a different method with the sedation. The reason being several doctors have said that a child who is sick can develop side effects if post nasal drip hits the vocal folds when under sedation. They were concerned that this may be part of the reason for Naaman’s issues when under sedation the last two weeks. 

Hoping for a much smoother process Thursday than we’ve seen the last two clinic visits. 

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  1. Thank you Lord! I hope the new treatment regimen Thursday gets him back on “routine” (for lack of a better word. Prayers and love to you all!


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