September 18, 2018

Pirate Booty and Sesame!

Naaman went to clinic this morning for a blood draw. His levels went down, as is expected during chemo, but he didn’t need a blood transfusion or platelets today. He will however need both by Thursday. That means Thursday will be transfusion, platelets, lumbar puncture and chemo. Long day! In the meantime, he is moody […]

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Clinic Day for Naaman

Cheeky survived clinic today and I didn’t get bit. Win win! It’s been particularly busy in clinic, which makes me feel sad that so many kids need appointments.  Needless to say, our 8:30 blood draw for 9:00 lumbar puncture became 9:30 blood draw and 10:45 lumbar puncture. He was a hangry man but we kept

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