Learning new words

Naaman playing with toys by the window
No new updates over the weekend, levels the same and still has a cold keeping him on precautions so he’s stuck in this room. Nonetheless, he’s still learning some new words and trying to find ways to play in his new environment. He sits on the couch and (with help) climbs up to the window ledge to watch cars out the window, commenting “ca” with a Boston accent on every car. He also now says:
  • T (TV)
  • Naaman
  • milk
  • cracker
  • stuck (as in “this IV is stuck to me”)
  • toys
  • color (as in “color with crayons”)
  • marker
  • hippo
  • penguin
  • monkey
  • dog
The staff loves him, and loves how interactive and chatty he is. I’m glad that even stuck in one room, he’s making a good time of it.

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