And we’re back!

The little guy seemed okay after chemo Thursday, but was very lethargic Friday and developed a fever by afternoon. We had to swoop down to the ER, which will always be the course when he gets a fever, and he was admitted to pediatric oncology again. Same great staff, better room.
The good news is that his fever went right down, but he isn’t leaving any time soon. His counts are just too low and his first check for infection was positive (they’re checking it again right now). We can at least be comforted knowing he got the right care, right away, and he will be best here where the team can monitor for changes.

Meanwhile, poor Deanie has a little cold and therefore can’t come visit! She seemed fine this morning so in another day she should be okay to come, maybe donning a cute Mickey Mouse hospital mask. 😷 Please pray for his levels to get back up, and for peace for his big sister who’s trying to figure this all out.

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