August 2018

No new changes at clinic!

We went to clinic this afternoon, and fortunately his ANC level did not drop; however it is still 200, which is not the 750 we need to start next round.  The plan for now is to check him again next Thursday, and hopefully he will be 750 or higher. He would have the lumbar puncture

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Naaman’s new hair cut

Neil’s hair stylist came to our house and trimmed Naaman up neat. Next time we will probably just buzz it because his little hair is falling out everywhere :/ So handsome though!  I think the haircut was as much for us as it was for him because it was tough seeing bald spots or hair

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Home sweet home

Cheeky slept in, watched some PBS Kids, and ate some toast and eggs with Adobo, his favorite. He’s been playing, reading books, and dancing a little, very glad to be home. He’s only crawling and will walk with some help, probably because he couldn’t walk much at the hospital. He doesn’t seem to be in

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Going home!

Cheeky’s levels are up and he had his spinal tap/bone marrow today. He is finally ready to head home from the 2 week stay at the hospital. Apparently even with anesthesia he was fighting them a bit. ;) They were surprised how strong he is. He’s munching on easy Mac and goldfish crackers for a

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Still hanging out

The good news is that Naaman’s ANC level (related to his white blood cells) has gone up a little.  Nonetheless, it needs to get higher in order to be discharged. Praying for that number to be 200 or higher, and stay there. He’s much more like himself today, talking, playing, crawling and walking around his

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Learning new words

No new updates over the weekend, levels the same and still has a cold keeping him on precautions so he’s stuck in this room. Nonetheless, he’s still learning some new words and trying to find ways to play in his new environment. He sits on the couch and (with help) climbs up to the window

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