Out of the ICU!

Today Cheeky was approved to move on from the ICU.  Today was a no chemo day and instead a day of assessing the results from yesterday’s procedures to determine his path forward.  Two major things happened today.

  1. Naaman was approved to have his groin and left hand IVs removed with the addition of the new port. They also removed his heart rate monitor and blood pressure from being on all the time. This just leaves an IV drip for hydration which they said will be removed in 1-2 days. At that point he can be mobile and only need the connections when being tested or during chemotherapy.
  2. Naaman got his send off to the pediatric oncology unit which is a step up from being in the ICU. He still gets his own room but its much quieter, his room can be personalized and while smaller is more homey. With his new found freedom from the wires we expect him to hopefully soon wander the halls, play with toys and visit the rooftop healing garden during his recovery process.

This has really changed his spirits of Naaman and he was much more interactive and alert in the afternoon today while in his new room. He was busy binging on Sesame Street and talking to everyone. Everyone loves him so much there.

While this was soooo early in the process and there are going to be major ups and downs along the way it lifted our spirits a little seeing him more like his old self.

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