The specifics about Naaman’s leukemia

Some details to bring you up to speed:

  • We are at Yale Children’s Hospital, top ranked in CT and also top ranked for cancer.  You may have heard of Smilow Cancer Center, but we will be over in the pediatric oncology.
  • We are in the Pediatric ICU, likely for another day and then over to the pediatric units where we can come and go to the oncology floor (actually on the same floor, but their lingo).
  • Naaman has pre-B ALL, which is the most common form of pediatric leukemia and also a very treatable kind.
  • Yale reports a 90-95% cure rate for pre-A all leukemia.
  • Today (7/26/18) Cheeky had platelets and an echocardiogram (check his heart before the OR).
  • Later today in the OR he will have a spinal tap to check if leukemia is there and to administer chemo. He will also have a semi-permanent port on this chest so that he won’t need an IV forever. Additionally, they will check his bone marrow (solid and fluid parts of bone marrow).
  • Naaman is more chatty and lively today, but everyday most frequently uses his favorite phrase: “All done.” (As in, “All done with the IV, lady,” or “All done with this blood pressure cuff cramping my style.”)
  • This first phase is called induction, where he starts up chemo with a vengeance. It will be about 28 days.
  • About three years for more close treatment, decreasing in years thereafter.

We will post more information after the procedures, and some requests for help (i.e. feed the pug). Please keep praying for our little guy! The miraculous healing only God can provide.

Naaman and his battle with Leukemia

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