Grouchy day for Cheeky at the hospital

The little man was royally cranky after not being able to eat before MRI. Rightfully so! His counts were off again so he had hemoglobin and platelets.  MRI went just fine, but no results yet. He was delighted to have some goldfish crackers and apple juice when he woke up. He also got some pretty cool toys from radiology for him – and even a Doc McStuffins kit for Deanie. Speaking of Nadine, she enjoyed herself thoroughly in the Activity Room with the child life staff, hamming it up and getting tons of free toys. She’s been a ray of sunshine for the staff, but especially for her little brother who lights up when she arrives. He also had a quick screen from the OT today to look at his swallowing function, as he had been coughing while drinking. He of course didn’t cough while she was there and he chugged 5 oz of milk straight. The ENT showed up later and did a quick scope, to Cheeky’s surprise and sheer distrust of hospital staff forever now. In a nasoendoscopy, they put a thin scope through his nose to look at his vocal folds from a top-down view to be sure they are functioning (need to close properly to cover the airway when swallowing and to be able to phonate). Good news – his vocal folds are fine – but I could tell by the look on his face, he was like “What else??? Seriously what else can you do to me today??” By the grace of God, Mealtrain started today by some friends at church and we are so so grateful! Please keep the prayers for Cheeky coming. Fingers crossed to go home tomorrow.
Naaman fast asleep at the hospital

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