Day three of the fight against Leukemia today

Naaman goes for a wagon ride at the hospital

Cheeky is doing well on Day 3 of treatment. His white blood cell count is so good that we can already start hoping for discharge.

He’s a bit grouchy, which can be caused by the steroids, and clingy, which can be caused by bone pain. However, I think I’d be grouchy and clingy in his shoes regardless! All bets are off with Sesame Street screen time and today he had his first Dorito (thanks Aunt KK and Uncle Jamie)!

Nadine visited yesterday with Nonni and Papa. We played, pulled Cheeky in the wagon (with the IV in tow), and visited the Healing Garden where N very carefully hunted for pixies. N asked some very good questions and shared her Pinkalicious doll with him. She’s pretty psyched to come back today, but who wouldn’t want toys, gifts, chocolate milk, pizza, and pixie gardens?? I know she will take good care of her little Cheeky.

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